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Mountains & Villages takes us up  into the mountains and hills that lie behind Estepona. The scenery on this tour is absolutely stunning and is really quite alpine with its pine covered hills and high peaks in the distance. Andalucia is famous for its pretty white villlages, and on this tour we see four of the best!

 Starting with Ojen, which is an iconic pretty white village set above Marbella, you have time to wander through its timeless cobbled streets and absorb the village atmosphere.

Heading further into the hills, we pass by the white village of Casares, which gives us a picture postcard view of a typical white Andalucian village. 

Our stop for lunch is the quiet white village of Gaucin which boasts especially spectacular views over to the Mediterranean , leading down to Gibraltar and the Rif Mountains of North Africa. Once a major roman settlement, Gaucin is set over 600m above sea level , hence its spectacular views and its name comes from the Arab word for hard rock. It is a village steeped in the vibrant history of Andalusia.

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 After lunch, we follow the scenic route down back towards the coast, stopping in the white village of Genalguacil. Every year Genalguacil invites artists to stay for free in exchange for an example of their work. Explore the Sculptures dotted around the winding streets of this typically white washed village.  

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The whole area of this tour is very rural and unspoilt and shows you another part of the natural beauty of the area. This route is very much a day for enjoying the rural scenery, nature and culture of inland Andalucia.

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Ronda is a mountain top historic village well known for its fantastic views and escarpments. The gorge of El Tajo separates the "new "town from the old town.  The new town dates back from the 15th century and the old town dates back to the times of Moorish rule in Andalusia. There is a stone bridge, Puente Nuevo which crosses the gorge uniting the new and old town of Ronda. The bridge offers a look out with fantastic views over the gorge. 

There are many different reasons to visit Ronda, and its historic charm lures many visitors to the historic town each year. 

The old town of Ronda has a selection of interesting places and landmarks to visit and it is an easy town to get around on foot.

The journey to Ronda from the coast takes about 2 hours and is a very scenic journey heading inland and upwards . When we arrive at Ronda, we have a briefing of the town , with all key information highlighted, and then you are free to wander the wonderful town of Ronda itself at your leisure for about 4 hours. 91.jpg

Key highlights to visit are the Museo de Ronda, the Arab baths and La Casa del Rey Moro. You have time to have a few tapas for lunch while you are in the village. 

The walk down to the secret mine at the Palacio del Rey Moro are well worth it and the views from the cafe are spectacular. 86.jpg

As we leave Ronda we stop to take the last memorable views of Ronda and its incredible mountain top position. 97.jpg

Our trip to Ronda offers you a much more personal and individual way to visit this iconic historic town.

Enjoy the freedom to wander with the key information at your fingertips to make sure you get the best memories from your trip to Ronda. 43.jpg

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Istan and Sierra de las Nieves UNESCO National Park.

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Inland from Marbella is completely different countryside to what we find on the coast. Climbing upwards from Marbella is the pretty white village of Ojen. Clinging to the hillside, Ojen is one of the iconic Andalucian White villages with an interesting history. The old part of the village retains its timeless charm with narrow cobbled streets and we spend some time exploring the village.

Leaving Ojen we make our way to the Sierra de las Nieves Natural Park. As we drive off road through the park making our way to the picturesque village of Istan, you will see the diversity of the countryside with it’s abundance of fauna and flora and spectacular scenery. Istan has its roots strongly in the Moorish history of this part of Andalucia. The many fountains and water irrigation channels made this village the "spring" of the Costa del Sol. Explore the village and see some of its historic sights such as the Escalante tower and the Church of San Miguel. 

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Close to the the Rio Verde ,the views in Istan are stunning and the valley itself is very pretty.
With time for lunch in Istan you really get a chance to experience this old Moorish Andalucian village.
The route home to the coast takes us through the picturesque valley of the Rio Verde. 

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